Sisters’ fellowship international has a commission and mandate from God to impact the whole nations of the world with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for purpose and fulfilled life on Earth. Our great vision is to see that the whole earth is filled with the glory of God as the water covers the sea.

Sisters Fellowship International is built on two solid principles: Love and Appreciation.


To ensure that the whole world know that God’s love is true and real, infallible and unconditional (John 3 vs 16).

To ensure that every man moves with God’s kind of love (John 4 vs. 8).

To put in practice the love which Jesus spoke about in John 15 vs. 12; “This is my commandment, that ye love another as I have loved you”.


We have the divine mandate to bring people to appreciate the love which Jesus has bestowed unto mankind in 1 John 3 vs. 1; “Beloved what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God”.

To bring Christians together in genuine appreciation of one another and the gift and talent God has given to each and every one of us. 1 John 4 vs. 7-8; Beloved, let us love one another for love is God, he that loveth is born of God and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God for God is Love.

Our Believe:

We believe that the Bible contains the inspired and infallible word of God. God’s word standeth sure; 2 Tim 2 vs. 19, 2 Tim 3 vs. 2, 2 Peter 1 vs 20.
We believe in the Trinity (God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost).

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all; Philippians 2 vs. 9-10.

We believe in the virgin birth; Matthew 1 vs. 23.

We believe in the direction, guidance of the Holy Spirit; John 14 vs. 16-17.

We believe that Jesus came into the world, died, rose again, ascended into heaven and is coming back in glory to judge the living and the dead; John 11 vs. 15,18.

We believe that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life.

We believe in the resurrection of the dead.

The vision of the visioner of Sisters’ Fellowship International

Who is Mummy Nches?

She is the president and founder of Sisters’ Fellowship International. She is a lover of God; her passion is for God and the things of God. She has many years of experiences in the things of God which has resulted in the transformation of lives.

She is a dedicated child of God whose sole aim is to see Christians all over the world live practical and committed Christian lives. No wonder she keeps asking these questions; where are the remnants who have determined to live for Christ in a perverse world in these perilous times?

She is so determined to see Christians especially women all over the world live a transparent and righteous life. Christ is her life, her all, and her Master.

How did we begin?

When Rev. Mrs. Nches came back to Nigeria, in 1986, she did not forget the prophecy as she also continued with her career as a teacher. She lived a practical Christian life and winning souls unto God by her lifestyle during break times in the school. She gathered the teachers and was teaching them the glorious gospel. She began with two people, then three, four and increased to over a hundred thousand women today who are from different races and continents. Sisters’ fellowship international is not a church organization and will never be one. It is a non-denominational fellowship of women who love and serve God with all their hearts. What began like a mustard seed has grown so big. We have over four hundred and fifty chapters all over the world.

What does SFI do?

Sisters’ fellowship international is a ministry committed through various means and programmes to teaching the practical truth from the word of God and showing love through meeting the needs of people around the world, we are women who are sold out to God’s purpose for their lives, giving hope to the hopeless, encouraging the discouraged and the needy. The fellowship also helps women and especially young girls to maximize their potential in life and use it to impact their families, workplaces, churches and fellowships as good members. The fellowship also embarks on capacity building and skill development. It also brings lasting peace and joy to families through the reconciliation of broken, separated or divorced couples. We get this message across through our programmes. Interceding for the barren (childless) is one of the covenant promises. Many such couples have been blessed with children to the glory of God. The ministry also helps the youth and children to live meaningful life. We achieve all these through the understated means:

Organizing outreaches, workshops, seminars, conferences, conventions, tours, visitations and sharing the life-changing truth of God’s word. At such meetings, lives are transformed, miracles abound and nobody goes the way he/she came.


Sisters’ Fellowship began way back at Birmingham, United Kingdom when our international president and founder travelled to get her second degree.

During that period, she was a waiting mother; however, she kept serving the Lord whole heartedly without a doubt or being worried about her condition. More so, she promised God that whether she has biological children or not she would keep serving him but he should not deny her spiritual children: that she would move around to spread the gospel all over the world and win souls for him and they will in turn call her mummy. On one of the occasions of their fellowship, she heard God say to her that she will have a child just like the biblical Sarah.

God kept his word as he promised and from that that she never ceased appreciating God for answered prayers, God told her that she will use her to meet other women in similar situations and that as she prays for them, they will conceive. God went ahead to say that he would use her to heal broken homes; teach men and women ways to have blissful married life and impact lives positively and meaningfully. In the year 1986, when Mummy Nches got back to Nigeria to began her career as a teacher, she gathered her fellow teachers and teaching them the glorious gospel. That was how the ministry of SFI began and spread to the different races and continents now.