2022 Exploits

Area 1 Houston Texas USA

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Went to: The mission of Yahweh.

Gave out: Foods.




And  several other kinds of gift items.

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Osapa London Lagos exploit

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Set up a team for community medical outreach

Went to:

Basorun Primary School Shomolu, Lagos (5 schools in a complex)

Langbasa Primary School, Ajah

Eva Adeleja junior secondary school Gbagada, Lagos.

Badore Senior Secondary school, Lagos

Gave out

Exercise books to pupils

Cartons of biscuits

Copies of God’s heartbeat

Money envelopes to principals of the school to appreciate them.

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Lagos Area 6 Young Daughters

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Went to: The Love Home Orphanage

Gave out: Toiletries

Cartons of biscuits and drinks and other kinds of snacks.

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Went to Onitsha General Hospital

They shared Ten-wheel chairs, clutches, hospital beds, pillows, hospital equipment, toiletries, cash gifts, paid hospital bills and gave out diapers.

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Enugu red area

YDF area 6 lagos

Houston Area 2

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Went to the Houston Food Bank

Provided food for the community and other gift items.

Shared the gospel of hope

Also spread the love of Jesus

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Lagos blue area

Red area Lagos

SFI Dallas area 2

Area 1 Canada

Prosper chapter Dallas area 2

Main chapter Los Angeles

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Went within their community

Distributed over 300 fresh food packs

Shared SFI ministry fliers

Also ministered the word of God to them.

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Denver chapter

Onitsha City

YDF area 14 Lagos

Canada area 2

Area 6 lagos

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Went to Federal Medical Centre Yaba

Gave out

600 GHB to patients and workers

Shared provisions, toiletries

Paid hospital bills for 3 patients.

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