It is with great excitement that we invite you to the 27th Annual Convention of the Sisters’ Fellowship International, with the theme “Making a Difference”. This year’s convention promises to be a unique one, as we focus on these key words: Triumph, Takeover, Trigger-action, Thankful, and Turnaround.

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The host of this convention, Reverend Mrs. Nches Iredu, a woman of God with a heart for empowering women towards living a righteous and victorious life. Our guest speakers, Pastor Jerry Eze and Apostle Michael Orakpo, are powerful leaders who will inspire and challenge us to go beyond our limits and make a difference in our society and the world at large.

In this convention, we will experience a Triumph of faith, as we come together to worship and praise God for His goodness and mercy. We will also learn to Takeover our spheres of influence, and Trigger-action towards positive change in our personal lives and communities.

We will also be Thankful for all that God has done, as we celebrate the Turnaround He has brought about. We shall enjoy dance, music, the word of God, prayers, seminars, and arena events.
There will be something for everyone.

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It is time for a life-changing experience which will definitely leave you empowered and renewed. It is also an opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

So, let’s mark our calendars for the Sisters’ Fellowship International 27th Annual Convention. Together, let us make a difference and experience the power of God like never before.

We shall all be there!

Yours in Christ,

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