The just concluded IEC meeting is usually a time set out for the physical and spiritual upgrading of the leaders in the ministry of SFI round the global. It is usually a time of the word and fellowship.

Moreover, this IEC meeting was a marathon training ground for leaders and delegates from various areas and chapters of the ministry all over the world.

In these three days, these leaders of different categories, have learnt how to be servant leaders by example in word and in deed; just like the international president and founder Rev. Mrs Nches Iredu took her time to teach; being humble and teachable in order to lead other people rightly in the fear of God in accordance to his ways and precepts.

In conclusion, the international president also remarked that as leaders and daughters of Consolation in the ministry, they are to uphold the core values, beliefs and motto of the ministry which is love and appreciation.

It was indeed a time of fresh discovery on how to lead and serve for the Lord.

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