Profitability is not about money. This is because one can have money but have no peace at all with God. There are many today who have money but they lack peace of mind. There are some others who own expensive things yet they envy other people who do not even have half of what they have except the peace of mind.

When you are committed to God, you are in a close relationship with him. The one committed to God put Him first in everything he/she does. The one committed to God takes Him as the best friend. To such a person, life without God is not worth living and as such pleasing God becomes the major pre-occupation of such a person’s life.

Commitment to God is profitable because that is when you can experience true happiness, real joy, good success and ultimate achievement. That is also when you have heaven’s backing in all you do and nobody can successfully work against you because if God be for you, who can be against you?

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