It is pertinent that one should sometimes sit down and check the functionality of the heart. The heart is the determinant factor of our lives. Therefore, it is necessary always to check the priorities in our hearts this is because whatever we hold in high esteem above God, becomes an idol.

So, a heart that does not acknowledges God, cannot draw or carry the presence of God.

A carrier of God’s presence shines the light of Jesus anywhere they find themselves.

Here are some ways to know a carrier of God’s presence:

  • BOLD: They are bold. They do not have fear. We can see this in the book of Acts 2, after that the Holy Ghost came upon the disciples, Peter stood up without fear to answer the Jews about the outcome of the outpouring of the Holy Ghost.
  • ABHOR EVIL: They do not have anything to do with evil or be around where evil occurs. They have so much reverence for God that they feel bad about doing evil and are truthful.
  • SUBMISSIVE: They are respectful and submissive to authority. Their only quest is to please God with and in their attitude.
  • AVOIDS TROUBLE: They do not like quarrels, they seek peace at all times.
  • OBEDIENT: They always long to obey God at all times.
  • LOVE: They love God and love others too. They are very considerate and compassionate.
  • JOY: they are joyful people. They are happy always and not sadists.
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