Ignorance of principles has left some people behind. A principle is defined to be an accepted professed to prove of action or conduct. It is an adaptable rule or method of application in every action; to achieve a particular result.  A principle is a guiding sense of requirements or obligations for right conduct.

The principle is a guide that we follow for a process flow. If there are no stipulated ways to do something, there will be chaos in the world. Every activity in the world is ruled by principles, nation to nation, family to family; human beings set principles to be followed how much more God created the world and they that dwell therein.

If there were no principles, people will be lawless and take laws into their hands to do anything they which to do. Sometimes people doubt principles because they lack understanding. However, if one wants to get the desired result, he or she must follow an existing principle. If you don’t follow principles, things will definitely not work out the way they should.

Everything in the bible has principles, if you don’t follow principles; you will keep acting foolishly both before God and men. This is why it is so important to embrace God through the reading of His word, this is how one can gain wisdom to obey and follow principles. If you do not read the bible, you will not know what God is saying for a particular thing; the bible is a treasure book. Your relationship with God is what keeps you moving on with life in the midst of difficulties.

More so, when God ask you to do something, he requires your obedience to get on with that, he requires that you respond with a yes without trying to figure out how to go about it or even doubt it. Therefore, it is better not to engage in doing anything than doing it with murmuring this is because it will yield no results. It is paramount that you follow God with faith for without faith, it is impossible to please him. If you seek God diligently, he would help you do what he has asked you to do and also reward you for your act of obedience. There is nothing you ask of him that he will not do for you; He is a promise keeper.

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