There are certain things that may delay someone from moving forward. Anyone who keeps moving backwards will never achieve anything. There is a spirit that makes one not to amount to anything is what is responsible for backwardness. Oftentimes, people want to keep hearing prophecies without knowing that they’re things they need to understand about life and its spiritual implications. One of the spirits that one needs to avoid in order to move forward:

THE SPIRIT OF THE PAST: all the deliverance there is for one comes from the word of God. The word of God liberates you and lubricates you to shine however the spirit of the past cripples this experience.

The spirit of the past means gone by in time and no more exists. It means Just before, something that is gone by before the present time. It means the former time before the moment. It is the earlier period of a thing. This keeps making people go backwards. It doesn’t allow them to see the future. Most of the time, people do not know that it is the spirit of the past that follows them around and they think it was someone somewhere who is remotely controlling their life.

The spirit of the past makes one recall the negative thing that had happened to them in the years back. The pictures come and play in their mind and start controlling their present condition. It always rewinds negativity and takes one mind away from the present. If you would move forward, you must do away with the spirit of the past. Sometimes it makes one not to get a certain benefit from the one they have locked up in their heart. You must do that which happened before and move forward. This spirit comes in the code of may you find favour before man by your attitude and character. God can call you to a higher level irrespective of how people see you, God can call you.

More so, the spirit of the past comes with subordinates like regret, blame and failure. Regrets come in the form of remembering the negative words that were spoken to you by someone. When you keep holding on to words of condemnation spoken to you, you can’t move from your spot. This is why you need to look and move forward and leave negative things behind. Forget people’s words and move forward with your life. Don’t bring the past forward, you will lock your future, and you will never achieve anything and you will keep annoying God.

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