God called us to be His representatives here on earth as his ambassadors. This is why He said we should occupy till he comes.


  • PROTECTIVE: You are required to protect what has been handed over to you. Protect the faith that has been handed over to you. If the people who were before us did not protect the faith, they wouldn’t have had anything to hand over to us and we will not have anything to hand over to the next generation. The faith entails the birth, death, burial and resurrection because there is no other name given among men whereby they will be saved except the name of Jesus.
  • INVESTORS: He requires that you invest in what you believe, Jude 1: 20. Build up your faith through praying in the Holy Ghost so that you can withstand the evil and when you don’t build the devil will throw you off the ring.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: He requires that you bear fruit. You were saved to save others. You have to produce your kind. And the fruit should abide. God expects you not to be like the fig tree that is blossoming yet has no fruit in it. God does not want us to blossom in titles. What have you achieved so far – take stock of what you have done so far. Where their souls you have won for the Lord? How have built the old believers? Did you blossom in character?


The ministry of SFI is actually an arm in the kingdom of God therefore while we build in SFI, we are building God’s kingdom. God has planted you in the chapter and area where you are so you can occupy and build till he comes. He called you into the ministry of SFI to defend the faith as a worker. Therefore you need to discover why God you into this ministry because when the ministry is prospering, the kingdom of God is prospering. Just like Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses in the bible so you are called to hold up the hands of the president and founder of SFI.



  • Obedience: As a leader, you are required to take and abide by instructions. Half obedience is not obedience.
  • Truthfulness: As a leader, you are required to be truthful and walk in all honesty and sincerity.
  • Loyalty: As a leader, you are required to be loyal
  • Supportive: As a leader, you are required to be supportive in every way possible.

God is looking for workers therefore, you must work the works of him that sent you while it is still day. You must ensure that you bring profit to the kingdom, whatever God has asked you do, do it with cheerfulness and joy.

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